Build Your Own Private Psychology Practice (1099)

Sweetwater Psychological Associates, LLC has been in operation since 1989. Sweetwater Psychological Associates, LLC offers child, adolescent, family, couples and adult outpatient mental health services. We have locations in both Marietta, GA near Sprayberry High School and in Lithia Springs, GA, near the corner of Maxham Rd. and Thornton Rd.

Sweetwater Psychological Associates, LLC is seeking a licensed psychologist to join our practice in both the Marietta and Lithia Springs service areas. All service specialties will be considered, but particularly needed are specializations in child and adolescent assessment and treatment, trauma, and post-psychiatric hospitalization support. Specifically, we are seeking providers who are interested in developing a successful practice through either of the following models:

1. Full-time private practice at our office in Marietta, GA

2. Full-time private practice with time shared between both offices at Lithia Springs, GA and Marietta, GA

3. Part-time private practice at our office at Lithia Springs, GA

Applicants must be licensed to practice in the state of Georgia and are preferably credentialed or eligible for credentialing on managed care panels, Medicaid, and Medicare.

Sweetwater Psychological Associates, LLC is unique in that we provide support with credentialing and flexible options for practitioners to successfully build their clientele and practice. Practitioners who join with Sweetwater Psychological Associates, LLC are able to remain employed at another facility while building their own private practice. Practitioners also have a choice of flexible hours of operation, including evenings and weekends, while their practice is growing.

This position is a contract position that offers marketing, furnished office space (or unfurnished), billing services, flexible scheduling, and receptionist coverage during the day. Compensation is dependent upon billable hours invoiced weekly.

If you are interested in exploring this opportunity, please fax or email your resume and cover letter to:

Sweetwater Psychological Associates, LLC
Attn: Dr. K. Johnson
Fax: 770-732-1283