Brad Carpenter, Psy.D.

brad carpenter

Dr. Carpenter is a licensed clinical psychologist who has been providing diagnostic and therapeutic services to children, adolecents, adults and families for over 15 years. His career has included working in academics, teaching, hospital and outpatient settings.  Currently his focus is on integrating these professional experiences into a private practice which provides quality and consistent services to those individuals and families in need. Dr. Carpenter specializes in psychological testing, academic testing, individual psychotherapy and family therapy. The scope of his experience and training has involved targeted therapies for anxiety, depression, trauma, personality disorders, career/professional development, academic planning, ADHD, spectrum disorders, family/relationship problems and addiction. The models of therapy employed are based on best practices using empirically validated brief and long-term interventions which include but are not limited to cognitive behavioral therapy, reality therapy, motivational interview, dialectical behavioral therapy and exposure therapy.  Diagnostic services include cognitive psychoeducational, neuropsychological, general psychiatric and personality testing.